Saturday, March 31, 2012

PayPal Money Adder Software ® Download ! 2012 [GENUINE]

PaYPal Money Adder/Generator Tool Software Download FREE !
What This tool does :
Paypal money adder tool v1.02 generates and add money to your paypal account once in a day !
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How to use this tool :
1. Unzip the file and open PayPal Money Adder V3.exe
2. Enter your paypal account address' & choose the amount in USD .(Dnt forget to use proxies.)
3. Then click on 'Add Money' and wait for sometime to get the process completed.
4 Now login & check your paypal account if the money has been deposited or not.
Remember : This tool only generates money once in 24 hrs.

Note : Due to abusives use of this Exploit. We are targetting only passionate downloaders who are really in need of this awesome trick. A quick short survey is needed to be completed before proceeding to download because of verifying reasons. Fear not, this will not affect anything, but if you fail to complete it, you will not be able to proceed.


  1. thanks @ who made this tool..i added 50$ today to my paypal account..nice work..

  2. Thanks Admin ...

  3. its saying an error .net framework 4.0.30319 not installed
    i have installed it than

  4. Anonymous1:27:00 PM

    but rar is locked

  5. Anonymous4:01:00 PM


  6. ResPect To This Programmer Coder !!

    I don't trust to Paypal Money Adder But This Is Working :O

    Thank you 1000x <3

  7. Anonymous12:11:00 PM

    what software do you run with it on Mac?